Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Product Vs Project Management Processes

Perils of project management are to some extent a result of inability to identify and distinguish between product and project management processes. Often those who have product managment knowledge are not equipped with project managment skills when they move into PM roles. It is also true that some of those who are into project management often lack product managment knowledge. This is quite evident in IT field than in any other field. Anyone could jump into PM roles in IT, while it is just not allowed in other fields like construction. I have asked recently a recruitment consultant if they would select a IT project manager to handle a construction project. She laughed and laughed before saying sorry. I have got her point, didn't press her for the answer. I'm not sure why is this situation prevalent in IT field where a person without sufficient knowledge, skills and experience in both product and project managment could become a PM. Quite strangely IT field doesn't even seem to be learning or drawing from experiences of other industries like Engineering and Constrcution. IT field seem to be in its own ivory tower not showing interest, paying attention to other fields. My belief is that we can learn from other fields and alleviate the grip of these perils.

I would especially encourage Project Managers from other than IT industry to share, contribute their knowledge, skills and experience and help IT project management to reach same level of maturity as theirs.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Tools for PM

Project Management is no less than embarking on an adventure. The adventurers ofcourse would not start without their basic tools like Binoculars (for Vision), A Compass (for Direction) and a Map (for strategy). Many Project Managers, however, struggle to gather any of such useful and essential tools of their trade before they begin. The best tool ever to emerge and widely used is a software for scheduling. I find that some Enterprise Project Management Software seems to be emerging but it is far from adequate and matured enough to be as robust as Binoculars, Compass and Maps have been. The other thing is people using Gantt charts displayed on large boards achieved better visibility and get the teams working on those projects have the time lines etched on their minds. Unfortunately the Gantt Charts prepared using software seems to be ending up on the PMs desktop. Unless they print them out in bold color and large paper and stick them up for everyone to see.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Project Musings

I have started this blog (Web Log) to vent my trips and trappings as a Project Manager. I have more than a reason being a IT Project Manager to start this blog. As I'm sure there would be more out there like me who would share same predicament as mine. My quest is to find solutions from Project Management in other fields to some of the issues we face in IT project Management. So I warm heartedly welcome people working in other than IT field to actively contribute to this blog in suggesting solutions or sharing their own tribulations. I hope to connect with all those and continue this momentum.